Jeffrey Salvador Portfolio

UX/UI Designer & Product Owner

Great design simplifies a very complicated world.
— Platon

Application: New Hire Tracker


Due to a number of complex inefficient business processes and onboarding challenges, majority of the company's new hires are not prepared to be productive on DAY 1.

As the company continues to grow, their number of lost new hire hours and resources to sustain their onboaring process will continue to scale along with the growth of the company.

*Metrics provided by an internal research team at the company


Our cross-functional project team gathered metrics on the current state of the company's onboarding experience. With this data and various KPIs, we approached leadership with various solutions on ways to improve the NPS and the onboarding experience.

We introduced the New Hire Tracker, as an application that streamlines the onboarding processes and operations for hiring managers. This ensures visiblity into a new hire's onboarding process, where a support contact will be ready to help each step along the way. With this application, onboarding teams can eliminate uncertaintity and doubt, which can help mitigate potential issues that could impact a new hire's onboarding process.

Creating a user-friendly real-time new hire tracker that allows:

  • Deliver end-to-end visibility to all onboarding teams
  • Guides hiring managers throughout their new hire's onboarding process
  • Allows them to track onboarding requests, processes, tasks, and action items
  • Provides a point of contact to reach out to when issues arises
  • Ensures an enjoyable onboarding experience for new hires, hiring managers, and support teams


Role: UX/UI Designer & Co-Product Owner


  • Conducted user research through interviews and usability testing to discover user needs and gather user feedback
  • Created high quality design documents: sketches, sitemaps, user flows, wireframes, mockups, and specifications
  • Created clickable prototypes ensuring both visual and textual branding standards are met
  • Created and groomed user stories for sprint planning
  • Defined the project scope and managed the product roadmap to ensure consistency with the company's strategy and commitments